Android development on Windows 8.1

Just a few information about using the latest available software (Mar 2014) together with Windows 8.1 (including Update 1) for Android application development. I will be updating this post when coming across another issue.


Main reason of this article. If you use Intel HAXM to speedup your Android Virtual Device, do not use the installer downloaded by SDK manager (v1.0.6). There is a bug causing BSOD (CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION). Just go to Intel site and download fixed v1.0.7 (just for Win 8.1).

ADT bundle

Download the latest 20140321 bundle. If you have download the previous one (I believe from Oct 2013) you would need to update ADT Plugin for Eclipse (to v22.6.1 and above). Go to Help -> Install New Software -> “Work with:” (better to check the address here) -> update Developer Tools.


JDK 8 seems stable and possible to use with ADT so far.

Google Style

Adopt the Google style of Java code formatting. To setup Eclipse formatter according to this style:

  1. Save this xml to your local drive
  2. Go to Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter
  3. Import the xml from step 1
  4. Activate GoogleStyle profile
  5. Format your code by using Ctrl+Shift+F hotkey

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