Brno public transportation tickets

Sometimes, my friends from abroad ask me how to get tickets for Brno public transportation operated by the DPMB company. Here you go:

  • BrnoID – buy 1-30 day tickets online. The ticket is tied to your contactless credit card, i.e. when you’re asked to show your ticket by the public transportation staff, you’ll let them read the credit card info using their card reader. The process of getting the ticket this way requires only your email, password and your credit card’s number and expiration. You can pay for the ticket using the same or another credit card.
  • Sejf application – you can use the Android or iOS app to buy tickets valid from 20 min up to 1 day. The web page is in Czech only, the apps are translated. You prepay the app’s account using your credit card and then buy the ticket from the account. Remember, you need to buy the ticket at least approximately 3 minutes before embarking the vehicle. The app will tell you what time the ticket is active from. The prices are 19 CZK for 20 min and 24 CZK for 40 min. Buying the ticket requires an internet connection.
  • Buy a paper ticket
    • In ticket machines
    • In a newsstand
      • Newsstands, especially those close to bus/tram stations, sell the tickets. In Czech, the newsstands are usually called “Trafika”.
      • The tickets they sell are the basic ones you can buy in a ticket machine.
    • Main train station
      • You can buy longer-term Brno public transportation tickets (1-30 days) in the eastern wing of the train station ( – the counters that sell international train tickets sell also the public transportation tickets. You can pay cash or with credit card there.
  • Other options not that suitable for foreigners:
    • Buy a ticket with the bus/tram driver. The tickets are more expensive (25 CZK for 15 min, 35 CZK for 90 min), and you may be easily rejected if you don’t have the exact amount in cash. Also, many drivers don’t speak English and are usually not pleasant when approached because of the tickets (even to locals).
    • The cheapest option for one-time tickets, especially when you plan to go on a trip outside of Brno (but within Moravian region), is to use Poseidon app for Android/iOS/Windows. The app is unfortunately in Czech only.
    • Buy the ticket using text/SMS. This works only if you have Czech SIM card: Dopravní podnik města Brna, a.s. – sms-navod-uzivani. Again, you need to buy the ticket around 3 minutes before embarking the vehicle, after you receive the confirmation SMS. Price is 20 CZK for 20 min and 29 CZK for 75 min.

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