Fedora 23+ post-installation tweaks

This list is intended mainly for my personal use, i.e. the handy cheat sheet of things necessary/nice to have for me on Fedora system.


  1. Users – <user> – Automatic Login
  2. Go to ~/.local/share/keyrings
  3. Rename the existing keyrings
  4. On the next restart enter blank new password
  5. Re-login to Online Accounts (Google, etc.), if used

Turn numlock on automatically on startup

  • Add the following to ~/.config/autostart/numlockx.desktop:
    [Desktop Entry]
    Exec=sh -c ‘numlockx off; xdotool key Num_Lock’
  • Do the same for any other application to be started upon system start (Firefox/Chrome, Double Commander, Sublime, Thunderbird, etc.)


Disable ‘Software updates available’ notification

      • gsettings set org.gnome.software download-updates false
      • or disable the Gnome Software completely:
        • sudo systemctl mask packagekit.service

Install Double Commander

      • $ dnf config-manager –add-repo http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/Alexx2000:/doublecmd-svn/Fedora_26/home:Alexx2000:doublecmd-svn.repo
      • $ dnf install doublecmd-gtk
      • Configuration->Options->Tools->Editor->Use External Program: /usr/bin/code
      • Configuration->Options->Tools->Differ->Use External Program: /usr/bin/bcompare
      • Configuration->Options->Tools->Terminal->Command (all): gnome-terminal
      • Configuration->Options->Keys->Hot keys
        • cm_EditPath .. Alt+D
        • cm_RunTerm .. F1
        • cm_Search .. Ctrl+F
        • cm_CompareContent .. Ctrl+Shift+O
      • Configuration->Options->Quick search/filter->Exact name match .. uncheck both Beginning and Ending

Remove old kernels

      • package-cleanup –oldkernels
      • if it’s needed to remove an entry from GRUB list, then also run ‘sudo grub2-mkconfig’

Install RPM fusion repository for codecs, VLC, flash player, etc.

Install GNOME extensions

Tweak up bash

      • edit /etc/bashrc per http://files.bocekm.com/bashrc
      • edit GNOME terminal shortcuts
        • New terminal in new tab: Ctrl+T
        • New terminal in new window: Ctrl+N
        • Close terminal: Ctrl+W


Download Roboto font

Switch to Desktop hotkey

      • Use Win+D shortcut for switching to Desktop: Keyboard – Shortcuts – Navigation – Hide all normal windows


    • To move window from one display to another use Win+Shift+Left/Right

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