Windows 8.1 tips for new users

Coming from Windows 7 or older system to Windows 8.1 one can get easily frustrated by slightly different philosophy of usage. Needless to say that Windows 8.1 improved the user experience for newcomers, especially with the Update 1. Here are some tips which can help you to overcome the frustration a bit.

Go to desktop after startup (instead of Start)

Right Click on taskbar -> Properties -> Navigation -> “When I sign in or close apps on screen, go to the desktop instead of Start”

Language shortcut change from Win + Space to Alt + Shift

Left click keyboard section of taskbar -> Language Preferences -> Advanced Settings -> Change language bar hot keys

Disable automatic restarts

Remove folders from This PC

Disable OneDrive

Disable required password on wakeup

Press Win+X -> Power Options -> Require a password on wakeup -> Change setting that are currently unavailable (depends on your UAC settings) -> Don’t require a password

Disable autosleep

Press Win+X -> Power Options -> Change when the computer sleeps -> Change advanced power settings -> Sleep/Hibernate -> Sleep/Hibernate after -> Never

Disable password at logon

Press Win+R -> run netplwiz -> uncheck ‘Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer’

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